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Vista College offers numerous educational programs in Business, Healthcare, Technology and many other trades. Get the edge you need when looking for a new career or seeking to move up in your current occupation. The focused instruction and hands-on training offered at Vista College helps prepare you for the day-to-day challenges you’ll face in the real world.

Vista College offers detailed instruction and in-depth training. We also provide additional tools you’ll need to gain a competitive edge in your job search after graduation.
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  • Career Services Assistance for graduates
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Vista College is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE).
Vista College is recognized as being a military friendly college through the Servicemembers Opportunities Colleges (SOC).

Programs vary by campus.

Vista College Campuses:

  • Amarillo

    Downtown Amarillo maintains its historical culture, of course. Homes built and owned by wealthier Amarillo residents between 1890 and 1940 are still visible on Polk Street. History states that the more expensive homes were built on the west side of the street so they could receive the first rays of the sunrise each morning. The city also still has 16 miles of brick streets, lending historical ambiance to the city.

    Amarillo, Spanish for ‘yellow,’ is known as the “Yellow Rose of Texas” for the yellow flowers and soil in the area. Palo Duro Canyon State Park houses the second largest canyon in the U.S. (only the Grand Canyon is larger). The canyon is known for its vibrant hoodoos, or spires showing layers of red, orange, white, yellow, and brown colored rock. This Texas canyon was formed by water eroding the rock over millions of years; the area was primarily occupied by the Comanche and Kiowa Indian tribes until the late 19th century. The canyon is 120 miles long, 20 miles wide, and up to 800 feet deep.

    Amarillo, TX has a dry but moderate climate. It lacks the cold, blustery winters of the Midwest, and the swampy summers of the Southeast. This Texas city is also a strong cultural and entertainment center, home to opera, ballet, a symphony orchestra, amateur sports teams, and various museums. Bibliophiles can take advantage of the public library system, and science lovers will enjoy the Don Harrington Discovery Center. Computer Career Center students are sure to find fun alongside learning in Amarillo, Texas.

    Training at Vista College, Amarillo will prepare you for an accomplished career in a unique educational environment, giving you confidence, experience, and professional proficiency.

  • El Paso

    Vista College offers programs of study that will help you achieve your goal quickly – starting a professional career. With programs leading to certification in a field of study or an associate’s degree, students are equipped with the skills they need to succeed in their future jobs after vocational school.
    Vista College prepares students with knowledge in concepts and procedures that will immediately apply to their work environment. Why waste time at school in classes you will never use when you can be starting your career? Whether you are interested in fixing computers, designing web sites, doing administrative work in an office or hospital, or becoming a specialist in your field, Vista College has courses of study that any student can find applicable to a career. Students are able to use their computer skills to quickly adapt to their new jobs.

    Students don’t have to waste time and money on a four year program when the training they need for a successful career can be acquired quickly and inexpensively at Vista College.

    Why should I train for a career in El Paso, TX?

    El Paso is a thriving and growing city of people and of business. There are over 70 companies considered Fortune 500 companies with offices located in El Paso, including such corporations as Eureka and Delphi. Throughout the 1980s, the city was known for its production of jeans to the rest of the country. Now it offers fewer pairs of jeans and more food and construction materials, though Wrangler is still based in El Paso. With the expanding Biggs Army Airfield, there is also a government presence mixed in with the flourishing businesses. Those who study in El Paso are able to find jobs within and around the city because of the economic stability associated with the area.

  • Las Cruces

    As a Computer Career Center a Division of Vista College student, you might enjoy visiting ghost towns in the Las Cruces area where miners searched for silver and gold. The only federally funded memorial remembering the Bataan Death March, a forced march of roughly 100,000 American and Japanese war prisoners in 1942, was constructed in Las Cruces in 2001. People also travel to the Organ Mountains, just 10 miles from Las Cruces, to hike, camp and bike. For CCC students who are wine aficionados, Las Cruces’ wineries, the oldest in the country, are also a great stop. Las Cruces’ abundant natural beauty makes it a favorite in the filmmaking industry, as well.

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